Product Name : Numeric Torque Wrench (LED light)
  • Industrial application with durability.
  • Ergonomic grip-red in NBR & black in ABS material.
  • Easy torque adjustment with the unique pull out knob.
  • Quick release button function.
  • Dual scale window design with convex lens and high brightness LED lights for clear reading purpose.
  • Direct numeral display of the desire torque for easy identification.
  • CW/CCW direction.
  • Tolerance of torque ±3%.
  • Quality meets DIN ISO 6789 & ASME B107.300-2010.
Product Introduction
  1. Ratchet head: Chromium-vanadium alloy steel brings strength and life cycle. Quick released design for changing socket quickly. Repair kit for inner spare parts of ratchet head is available.
  2. Round tube design:

    Applied to both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

    The steel tube with carburizing process for better strength and life cycle.

  3. Serial number: Each piece stamping serial number for traceability.
  4. LED light: Red push button for LED light; click once again to close. 12V battery is required.
  5. Scales:

    Dual scale window type; easy readable for two different units.

    Use high quality convex lens of coated glasses for high transparency, clear font, low reflective light.

  6. NBR handle:

    Ergonomic shape with non-slip and comfortable features.

    Standard or customized color is available.

  7. Adjustment system: Pull out the knob to "UNLOCK" the wrench for easy adjusting the torque; put it back to "LOCK" the wrench.
  8. End cap: Customized color is available.
TT NO.Square driveTeethNmlbf.ftGraduationL(mm)gcase/CTN
TW-267-2F 1/4” 24T 4~20 3~14.8 0.1 368 800 24
TW-367-1F 3/8” 24T 4~20 3~14.8 0.1 368 800 24
TW-367-2F 32T 20~100 15~74 0.5 435 1200 12
TW-467-1F 1/2” 32T 40~200 30~148 1 510 1470 12
TW-467-2F 60~340 44~251 2 615 1670 12
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