Torque-Tech® is a well-known torque wrench manufacturer. We customize high-performance manual torque wrenches for world-renowned brand companies to help companies maximize productivity and precision. They are widely used in automobiles, manufacturing, construction, maintenance and other industries. We offer a variety of manual torque wrenches with different drive sizes and torque capabilities, ensuring your unique needs are met.

To guarantee the highest level of accuracy and reliability, our production quality follows ISO 9001. You can trust that our tools meet the strictest industry standards. Contact Torque-Tech® today for further information and assistance.


Ans: A torque wrench is a precision tool and should be treated and maintained as a measuring instrument. It's a wrench that allows the user to accurately tighten a fastener to a torque they specify for preventing the common over-tightening problem.

Ans: In the maintenance and manufacturing world, tightening, controlling, or measuring torque of fasteners is imperative for quality control. With inadequate torque, a fastener can vibrate or work loose. Conversely, if the torque is too high, the fastener can break, strip and damaged.

Ans: There are three common torque units -

  1. SI (International Standard) based on Newton meters (Nm) unit.
  2. Metric based on Kilogram force centimeters ( unit.
  3. American/English based on inch pounds (Ib-in) or foot pound (Ib-ft) unit.

Ans: Hand torque wrench can be applied in various industrial channels, such as automotive, oil, gas, mining, aviation, railroad, energy, generation, wind power industries...etc..

Ans: Hand torque wrench are most accurate in the middle of their range, so the best application of a torque wrench is 20% to 80% of the maximum value.

Ans: The performance of torque accuracy, torque stability, life cycle and product durability are all different.

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