Ans: As a calibrated device, all torque wrench should be set to its lowest torque setting and stored in a protective case after use.

Ans: To maintain its measuring accuracy, torque wrench calibration should be done periodically. We suggest have torque wrenches be calibrated every 5000 tightenings or every twelve months usage, with a professional calibration service employed the proper testing device.

Ans: According to DIN-ISO-6789:201 7, the torque wrench verification should be carried out at the minimum value of the indicated measurement range, at 60% and at 100% of the maximum value.

  • (a): If the torque wrench is first time use or has be unused for a long time, set the wrench to the maximum torque and operate the click mechanism ten times both CW/CCW before using the wrench on a fastener.
  • (b): Don't use the torque wrench as a replacement for a general wrench or hammer.
  • (c): Don't use any extension to avoid incorrect reading, unless it's recommended by the manufacturer.
  • (d): Never use a torque wrench beyond its capacity mentioned in the instruction manual.

Ans: The components of ratchet head will be worn after use; this is normal fatigue. The user can purchase the ratchet head repair kit for easy replacement and no re-calibration is requested.

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